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Swan City SC has a legacy of producing solid goalkeeping talent. Goalkeeper Director, Cody Camp has been on staff for more than 8 years and his style, tenacity, and skills have enabled several players to continue their success in college and beyond.

Successful development is at the heart of our Goalkeeper program at Swan City SC. Our foundation is built on the premise of placing the goalkeeper in the center of all training sessions. We provide an optimum of development and refinement opportunities for goalkeepers of all ages and skill levels. Our training is focused on the development of the individual player.

Our training sessions are structured and include small group training, according to age and skill level, so the goalkeepers can support one another during the training sessions, push each other, and work on their individual needs. As well, it creates a level of camaraderie amongst the goalkeeper corps. Each session of our sessions is planned and lead by an experienced and licensed goalkeeper coach who will work with each player, explaining in practical ways areas of improvement and most importantly, tactics to achieve that improvement.

Generally, our program focuses on these 4 areas of goalkeeping:

  1. Technique
    Catch and receive balls, movement, distribution, diving, crosses, passing, blocking shots;
  2. Strategic
    1v1 situations, Positioning, Standards, Short balls, reading the game, organizing the defense, opening the game, be part of the defense;
  3. Athletic
    Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility;
  4. Mental Strength
    Self-confidence, leadership, anticipation, decision-making, braveness, toughness, patience, taking risks.


Goalkeeper Program - Development

Our program focuses on three specific stages of development. Our training sessions are planned with the goalkeeper in mind, ensuring each individual is equipped and prepared to move onto the next stage.

Throughout the program, the development focus is centered on the four primary areas of our Program - Technique, Strategy, Athletics, Mental Strength. Our intention it to help our goalkeepers to reach their full potential, maximize their performance and to prepare them with the necessary tools to become a college athlete or even a professional soccer player.

1- Basics and Foundation / Age Groups - U8, U9, U10, U11

  • Basics of goalkeeping;
  • Developing good habits;
  • Understanding the position and comfort level in the goalkeeper box; and
  • Technique - learning the correct way to catch a ball, move in the penalty box and distribute the ball in the buildup process.

2 - Development Stage / Age Groups - U12, U13, U14, U15

  • Goalkeepers will work to enhance and develop their skill;
  • Repetition of basics, achieving mastery;
  • Specialize - individual skills will be refined. The goalkeeper as a ‘sweeper keeper’ becomes more important at this stage and more advanced techniques are developed.

3 - Performance Stage / Age Groups - U16, U17, U18

  • Continue to refine skills; Achieve individual peak performance;
  • A focus on college prep - attending showcases, and goalkeeper events; and
  • Leadership refinement - continued focus on leadership and mental acuity.


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