Our Brand

The Swan City Brand – Loyalty / Legacy / Pride

Swan City derives its name from the unique history of its community. Since 1957, when the city of Lakeland was gifted two Royal Swans from the Queen of England, the city has taken on a deeply connected persona – loyal, fierce, unified. From our distinct Swan icon to our innovative and spirited community, Lakeland is immediately identifiable. This is our story.

Swan City SC is BOLD, STRONG, UNIFIED. We are steeped in tradition and accessible to all. We have a legacy of success both on and off the soccer field. Our members are powerful, engaged, loyal. We are welcoming to all – showcasing our diverse community across the state. We win and we lose as ONE team, ONE community. We are the PRIDE of Lakeland – exuding perseverance, respect, and integrity while we develop excellence.

Our Brand Guide

This new iteration of our Club mark demands that our organization protect our marks and visual identity; and as we continue to expand the reach of Swan City SC, it remains of vital importance for us to coordinate our brand and visual identity to ensure proper usage.

We have created this guide to both accomplish those goals and to make use of our marks and fonts that are convenient to those internal and external to our Club.

Our goal is to reinforce consistent application of our brand elements as we continue to build upon the strength of the Swan City brand. By providing the colors, logos, fonts and individual marks, we hope to make it more accessible and valuable to our partners.

The Logo

The Swan City logo features a swan, crown, and text identifiers all within the bounds of a royal shield. The logo encapsulates the regal nature of the brand, an homage to Lakeland’s inception as the Swan City, dating back to the 1950’s.
Swan – A symbol of loyalty and strength, the Swan is an icon of our City and its regal history. Lakeland, known as the Swan City, is our community. It is the place where we call home. The Swan takes on a “S” shape representing Swan City and our beloved game, Soccer.
Crown – Proud of our community link to royalty, the crown represents our county, Polk County. Known as Imperial Polk, the crown symbolizes power and authority, triumph, victory, honor, and glory. It is a symbol of our highest values – Respect, Integrity and Excellence.
Shield - The shield shape of the logo stands out as a strong, bold symbol representing the highest level of competition across our state. Derived from the crests of Europe, the regal shield is a tribute to the foundation of the sport, dating back to the 12th century in England.

The Colors

Orange – Symbolizes fun, enthusiasm and enjoyment. This represents our Club – fun, competitive, joyful! It also pays homage to our central Florida community, known for its vast citrus industry. 

Blue – The color of trust, strength and loyalty. It represents the dynamics of our culture and community – team centric, connected, trustworthy and loyal.  

Silver / Gray – Often considered the colors of experience and knowledge, silver/gray embodies our passion for development, learning, and growth. It encapsulates our legacy of growing a love and passion for the game. 

Our Hashtags

#ThePRIDEofLakeland – harnessing our values – Perseverance, Respect, and Integrity Developing Excellence in youth. 

#FlyHigher – we will fly higher, together, as one. 

#SwanCitySC – Swan City Soccer Club 

#OneSwanCity – One Team, One Community