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Philosophy and Player Pathway

Our Philosophy


At Swan City SC, development is one of our core values. We believe that development happens in a variety of ways – from physical development to tactical and mental development too. We stand on a culture of learning. We take interest in growing in the game and growing as individuals. We thrive on innovation and with a spirit of initiative.  Our team combines traditional and innovative methods to establish a culture that promotes true player development, mastery, creativity, and passion for the game of soccer.

Our coaching staff will serve as mentors, facilitators, and instructors who enable the game to reveal itself to our players, allowing them to achieve soccer excellence and succeed at the youth, adult amateur, collegiate, and professional levels.

Player development will be carried out within the framework of a highly attractive, technically nuanced, attacking style of team play. Competition, through tournament and league play, will serve as a tool to inspire and motivate our teams, but will not supersede our efforts to develop cohesive, strategic, talented players and teams.

Values & Standards

Our atmosphere will reinforce our values – perseverance, respect, integrity, development, and excellence. But we will also lean on important values regarding preparation, teamwork, and discipline. Our coaches will maintain high standards and celebrate/hold players accountable for their actions.

To Learn & Grow

We believe that every player should have the opportunity to learn and grow within our environment. We also believe they should be part of the process – engaging in their development – which is why we will offer additional tools such as technology, college recruiting supports, and training apps. Our system borrows from the philosophies and practices of clubs and youth development organizations around the world that share our vision for player development and high-quality play.

Our Goals

    To foster a lasting passion for the game of soccer
    To develop key Technical, Tactical, Physical, and Psycho-Social competencies
    To consistently produce high-functioning teams capable of playing dynamic, creative, attack-minded soccer
    To foster character, integrity, and respectfulness in all club members

Player Development Pathway

Swan City SC offers a variety of options for player development with a pathway towards playing in upper level and pre-professional leagues.

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Our Programs