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Who We Are

We are the pride of lakeland

Swan City SC is steeped in tradition and accessible to all. We have a legacy of success both on and off the soccer field. Our members and staff are powerful, engaged, loyal. We are welcoming to all – showcasing our diverse community across the state. We win and we lose as ONE team, ONE community. We are the PRIDE of Lakeland – exuding perseverance, respect, and integrity while we develop excellence for all.



To provide a fun and competitive soccer experience for youth in Central Florida.



To be the premier youth soccer Club in Central Florida. Driven by a focus to develop youth, on and off the field, celebrated for a commitment to community, and defined by a lasting legacy of producing talent and inspiring a life long passion for the game.

SWAN - Swan Only

We have a competitive spirit and an unwavering determination to finish what we started. We never give up.

SWAN - Swan Only

We are passionate about the game. We respect the rules, the spirit and etiquette of the game. We respect our teammates, opponents, coaches, officials, and fans. We will be a positive force for ourselves, our team, our Club and our community.

SWAN - Swan Only

We are honest and trustworthy. We exhibit good judgement on and off the field. We promote confidence in ourselves, our team and our Club.

SWAN - Swan Only

We stand on a culture of learning. We take interest in growing in the game and growing as individuals. We thrive on innovation and with a spirit of initiative.

SWAN - Swan Only

We expect the best from ourselves, and our teams. We take pride in our Club. We will strive for an exceptional member experience.

Our Brand

Branding and visuals

The Swan City Brand – Loyalty / Legacy / Pride 

Swan City derives its name from the unique history of its community. Since 1957, when the city of Lakeland was gifted two Royal Swans from the Queen of England, the city has taken on a deeply connected persona – loyal, fierce, unified. From our distinct Swan icon to our innovative and spirited community, Lakeland is immediately identifiable. This is our story. 

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